Since its founding  in 1887, Whittier College has been a leading academic institution, first serving the early populations of Southern California, in particular the agricultural and Quaker-predominant Whittier settlement, and later serving a student body that today hails from across the nation and around the globe.

At its core, the Whittier educational experience is designed to develop the whole student—through its rigorous academic curriculum, its practices, and its principals of community.

As a result, 125 years of Whittier graduates have gone on to pioneer, guide, and transform nearly every industry and field imaginable. These alumni take their cue from the classrooms in which they first experienced  Whittier, and the invaluable academic and applied training they received there has, throughout the decades, enabled them to step to the forefront of civic and civil leadership, to take calculated risks to better the communities in which they live, and to lead lives of purpose, character, and compassion.

This year, we salute Whittier College, its proud history, its bright future, and its legacy of not only training students for success, but actively seeking to define leadership in every way possible.


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